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The U.S. permits dual citizenship. However, the 2nd country sets the requirements for you to obtain the benefits of its passport. As a citizenship applicant, you will typically be required to present official records proving your family bloodline and the immigration & naturalization history of your ancestors.

New York City is the heart of the immigrant identity of the U.S. and is where many U.S. ancestor records are archived. Valuable records resources include the regional National Archives here, as well as all the courthouses, and civic, religious and institutional archives throughout the boroughs, often in dusty attics and basements.

The background photo above was taken while searching for a record of a legal name change of a client's great-grandfather.  Many important documents for citizenship cannot be found digitally. 

We enjoy locating hard-to-find records that resolve ambiguity around blood relationships, immigration & naturalization timelines and frequent name discrepancies. We locate and obtain records, and also obtain necessary certifications and apostilles for submission to foreign governments

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We help you determine what you have and what you'll need. You must comply with the stated application requirements of the foreign consulate in the U.S. having jurisdiction over your new citizenship.

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